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Velux Loft Conversions

You may have noticed how London’s neighbourhoods – in both urban areas and the suburbs – are changing. You will undoubtedly have seen more homes and houses are extending or converting their lofts, and a Velux loft conversion is becoming a favoured approach to going about doing so.

At Court Lofts, we’ve been helping home and property owners like you make good use of their empty loft, creating additional living space, whilst increasing the value of their property. After thousands of successful projects, we can guarantee that we will do the same for you!

Why convert?

The reason that Londoners are embracing loft conversion has more to do with convenience and cost-effectiveness than anything else. Loft conversions:

  • Are a great way to add extra space to your existing home by simply converting the unused space in your roof
  • Make it convenient to create additional liveable space in your home without undertaking a large scale extension project
  • Allow you to live in your existing home, amongst your current neighbours, and familiar surroundings, eliminating the need to move to a new property to gain extra living space
  • Generally a Velux conversion, is a cheap and cost effective way to add more habitable space to your existing home.

But there’s more to this popular phenomenon of loft conversions. According to the Homeowners Alliance, loft conversions alone can add significant value – as much as 20% – to your property!

So, why not seriously think of converting your own loft to quickly and painlessly utilise the wasted space under your roof?

Go Velux!

If you have a large loft space and have enough head room height to install a staircase into the loft without a dormer, then the right choice for you maybe a ‘VELUX’ conversion. This type of conversion is named after the popular roof window brand, and it creates extra living space without any external alterations, apart from installing ‘VELUX’ windows for light to the loft room.

This approach to loft conversions is generally the most cost effective method, although some properties may benefit from a dormer conversion to maximise the space in the loft. There are no exterior modifications that need to be made, and the Velux window installation is carried out flush to the original roof, leaving the structure unaltered.

Extremely functional in its approach, Velux windows can be installed for converting roof-top space for a variety of uses, including:

  • Additional bedroom
  • Study
  • Kids play room
  • Guest suite
  • Home Office
  • Additional bathroom
  • Reading or hobby room
  • …and plenty more!

Using Velux windows in a loft conversion results in a flood of sunlight entering your new loft room, where there was previously only darkness or little or no natural light. Velux loft conversion is a rather unobtrusive method, and can be applied to any style of roof. The best thing is, because of its simplicity, you don’t even need planning permission.

If this is your preferred loft conversion method you could call us today for a free consultation, to find out what size rooms could be created in your loft space.

Court Lofts and Velux Windows – A Winning Combo!

When it comes to any type of loft expansion, Court Lofts does not compromise on quality. We’ve been in this business for over 3 decades now, and in those 30+ years we’ve undertaken thousands of successful conversions, including many projects that involved a Velux conversion.

For over sixty years VELUX have been dedicated to producing roof windows which are synonymous with quality and reliability.  This is why we only install genuine VELUX windows in our loft conversions, which are supported by a 10 year guarantee.

With a Velux loft conversion for your roof, and Court Lofts professionals carrying out your conversion, you’ve got a winning combination that is guaranteed to produce exactly the results that you are looking for:

  • High quality workmanship
  • Materials of the highest standards
  • Guaranteed results

Why Us?

With Court Lofts helping you with your loft conversion, you’re in good hands! Here’s what we can offer you:

  • A highly personalised assessment of your needs – not a “standard template” that we’ve used for other clients!
  • A highly seasoned team of professionals with over 30 years of experience!
  • Invaluable insight and experience that you won’t receive from many other outfits in the industry
  • A FREE consultation and FIXED PRICE quotation
  • £2m Pubic Liability Insurance & £10m Employers liability insurance
  • A 5-year ‘peace of mind’ guarantee on all work that we do!

If you’re not sure what the most suitable type of conversion is for your home, or what your loft conversion needs are; and would like to confirm exactly how much space you could gain by converting your loft, then call us for a free consultation and quotation. We’ll let you know if a Velux conversion is right for your property.

dormer style velux use

A typical cross-section of a Velux-style loft conversion.

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