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Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversions

If you are a London homeowner who owns the “typical” detached or semi-detached property, and are looking to move because you need more room – then we have great news for you. We’ve got a cheaper and hassle free way to give you the extra room that you require – without needing to move!

Our solution is called a hip to gable loft conversion.

What Is It?

Depending on a number of factors, including size of the property, your unused loft may conceal the opportunity to produce plenty of extra living space. A loft conversion is an ingenious method to create the additional habitable rooms you may need, without having to move home.

If you own a semi-detached or detached property and would like to convert your loft space, the best option would be a hip to gable conversion. Using a hip to gable approach will maximise the floor area of the loft, and the headroom height within the new loft room.

Is It For You?

Most property owners wonder whether a loft conversion is the right solution to create extra room within their existing homes. If you are looking to increase the area of your home by 50% to 60%, unless you property is a bungalow, you may need to consider undertaking a two storey side/rear extension or a house move.

However, using a cleverly designed and properly executed hip to gable loft conversion, homeowners can easily:

  • Create room for an extra bedroom
  • Extend the roof to provide an extra guest suite
  • Make space within the existing home layout for a kids playroom
  • Build a study right into your current home
  • Expand the roof to make room for an additional bathroom
  • …and much more!

The objective of a hip to gable conversion is to allow the homeowner to create additional space in their empty loft, with minimal disruption to every-day life. Unlike a massive home expansion or renovation project, loft conversions are less costly, and much more efficient in terms of time, inconvenience and effort.

What’s Involved?

Most Semi-detached & detached properties normally have 3 or 4 sloping roofs. The diagonally sloping ceiling results in a small volume area and poor amount of headroom in the existing loft space. By removing the sloping side rafters of your roof and constructing a wall that fits vertically on the existing external walls of the property, and extending the roof rafters to the new gable wall, you will fully maximise the space available from your empty loft.

After the new roof has been converted from a hip roof to a gable end roof, a dormer can be installed to the rear of the property to ensure you get the most space from your loft.

Mansard loft conversions can also be installed on a hip to gable conversion; they are more visually appealing, but are more expensive than dormer conversions. Additionally, as the facing wall on dormer is installed at a 70 degree angle, they also provide less space.

Making It Happen: Choosing the Right Loft Company

If you are seriously considering a hip to gable loft conversion, then you need to be aware of the following factors that could either give you value for your money, or alternatively leave you with a dangerous conversion and a large bill to rectify works:

  • Choosing the right loft conversion company to work with you on your loft conversion could save you from tremendous stress once the project has started
  • Some contractors are “generalists”, having only completed one or two loft conversions. They may not be aware of the nuances associated with the various loft conversion options available to homeowners
  • If a tradesperson is reluctant to share details about their company, it could be because they are not a legitimate tradesperson.
  • Rogue traders will attempt to lure you in by offering supremely cheap rates. It could also be the mark of an inexperienced or amateur trader, who doesn’t know how services should be priced. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Here at Court Lofts, we’ve been in business for over 30 years, helping thousands of home and property owners like you with loft conversions, including numerous projects that needed a hip to gable conversion. Why are we different?

  • Our team of experienced professionals treat each loft conversion project individually, explaining all of the options available to you
  • We only use materials that are compliant with British Standards
  • All of our engineers and trades people are highly qualified and experienced.
  • Every conversion is finished to a level of complete customer satisfaction while ensuring minimum disruption to your day to day lives
  • Stage payments that are requested after each stage of works is completed, and passed by building control
  • Fixed price quotations, with no hidden additional costs
  • A 5-year ‘peace of mind’ guarantee for all loft conversions

So, if you are ready to begin with your hip to gable loft conversion, call us now for a confidential FREE consultation and a personalised quotation.

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A typical cross-section of a Hip-to-Gable loft conversion.

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