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Dormer Loft Conversions

Do you want to make your home bigger? Are you in need of extra bedroom and living space?     If so, we’ve got some good news and some great news for you!

  • The Good News: A dormer loft conversion will give you the extra space you need!
  • The Great News: Court Lofts is the right loft company to help you build your dream, creating more space – quickly and cost effectively!

With us on your side, you’ll never have to dread the “never ending” construction projects that many loft conversions often turn out to be. Our proven loft conversion approach will ensure that you get what you want most effectively and efficiently.

Over the past 3 decades, we’ve mastered the art of loft conversions through thousands of similar projects. Our experienced professionals follow a minimally invasive approach that will deliver precisely what you want – without the stress and sleepless nights – guaranteed!

What You Get

By installing a dormer in your property, you will maximise the floor area of your loft and the headroom height within the new loft room. Constructing a dormer in lofts that have limited space and headroom will provide the additional space needed to make a conversion feasible.

Our dormer conversion specialists have installed dormers on all types of properties, from semi-detached and terrace houses to bungalow and flats. So when you employ Court Lofts, you’ll get the benefit of all that experience working for you!

Normally, dormers are installed to the rear of a property, though some conversions require a side dormer to allow for sufficient headroom for staircase installation. Although side and rear dormers may look more visually appealing on semi-detached and detached houses, creating a hip-to-gable loft conversion could add up to 1/3 more space, for approximately the same cost.

Installing dormers to front elevations is not a permitted development, but may be allowed under certain circumstances if planning permission is sought (i.e. in bungalows or if other properties on your road have dormers to front elevation).

Once we have completed your conversion, you’ll get something even more unexpected: A pleasant increase in the value of your property – up to 22% by some well respected estimates! But that can only happen if you make the right choices – of the dormer conversion approach that’s most appropriate for your property, and an experienced loft company to help you with the conversion.

Your Choices

A dormer loft conversion is the most common of the various loft conversions types. It is accomplished by removing the existing sloping roof rafters, and installing vertical walls and a flat or pitched roof, depending on height of the existing roof.

This particular approach to loft conversions has several styles for you to choose from, including:

  • Flat Roof Dormer: This approach adds the greatest amount of liveable space in your attic, for the least amount of cost compared to other similar conversion approaches. Costs vary depending on size of dormer and windows.
  • Cat slide Dormer: Also known as ‘swept or ‘wedge roofs’, the dormer roofs slant downwards at a much shallower angle to the main roof, though can be tiled, maximising the roof lifespan. This type of conversion is only achievable on steeply pitched roofs.
  • Hipped Roof Dormer and Gable Fronted Dormer: These are both aesthetically pleasing dormer conversion approaches that feature sloping planes to add space to the existing roof.

With so many choices available, it’s often difficult to know what’s right for you. Unfortunately, not every loft conversion company or roof specialist has the depth of knowledge or breadth of experience to help homeowners make the right choice. As a result, they often strongly recommend “standard” approaches – ones that they’ve used for other clients, but which may not be ideal for your property.

And that’s where our veteran loft conversion teams come in. We’ve undertaken thousands of similar projects, and have helped homeowners just like you make the right decision about which approach is the most appropriate for them and their property.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But you can rely on our experience to help you make the right one!

What’s Next?

If you are thinking about installing a dormer on your property, call us to discuss the available options. Don’t entrust the future of your property in the hands of contractors with little loft conversion experience. Doing so could cause irreparable damage your home, severely impacting its resale value!

With us, you’ll receive:

  • A highly experienced team with over 30+ years of loft conversion experience
  • A team that’s helped thousands of home and property owners realise their dreams for extra space in their houses
  • Qualified professionals that know what they are doing
  • A solid commitment for using only materials that meet the highest of standards
  • FREE, FIXED PRICE quotation, with no hidden additional costs
  • £2m Pubic Liability Insurance & £10m Employers liability insurance
  • A 5-year ‘peace of mind’ guarantee for all completed conversions

Our dormer loft conversion specialists will be happy to review your request and provide you with a highly personalised and confidential recommendation on the best course of action.

dormer style 1 use

A typical cross-section of a Dormer-style loft conversion.

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