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Welcome to Court Lofts – Tailor-made loft extensions

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Court Lofts has become London’s leading loft conversion specialist. Whether it’s a Dormer, Hip to Gable or a Mansard conversion that’s needed – we’ve got the experience and the experts to assist you.

Loft conversion across London suburbs, and even in urban areas, are a quick and cost effective way to extend living space in homes, bungalows, detached and semi-detached houses. And why do so many property owners see this as a viable solution? Because:

  • Converting a loft is often less expensive than building a home extension
  • They may not have room to expand outward, so the only option is “going up!”
  • Unlike ground-floor expansions, extending a loft is not going to encroach on their garden or lawn
  • Depending on the approach used, loft conversions may be the fastest way to add extra living space they so desperately need

With so much to gain, it’s no wonder that many Londoners are considering a roof extension as the best way to add living space to their homes, and to make more functional use of their lofts. The challenge however is to find the right loft company to help you with the conversion.

The Court Lofts Difference

Here at Court Lofts, we offer a uniquely personalised experience to our customers. We don’t believe in “standard” or “template based” solutions. That’s because every loft we convert is bespoke, as each homeowners needs are different. A loft conversion done for your next door neighbour may not be exactly what you are looking for – you may have a totally different vision about how your loft should be converted.

And that’s what the Court Lofts Difference is all about!

With us, every loft extension is tailor made to suit each client’s specific requirements. We realise that apart from buying a home, a loft conversion is one of the largest investments that a family will make; and so it is important to feel totally confident with the company you chose to carry out the work. It is with this thought in mind that we aim to exceed your expectations!

Why Move? There Is a Better Alternative!

If you have lived in a particular area of London or its suburbs for a while, chances are that you have grown attached to your home and your neighbourhood. So:

  • Do you feel you need more space in your home?
  • Are you expecting an addition to the family?
  • Planning to start your own home-run business and need additional room for a home-office?
  • Expecting long-term company to live with you, but don’t think you have enough room to accommodate them?

If you are faced with any of these situations, your first thought is likely, Let’s move!

Well, what if there was a better alternative to give you more space, and let you remain in your current home?

For most, the reason for moving is the need for additional space; although finding the right home, in your desired location, close to work and schools can be stressful and costly. There is a simpler and more cost effective solution to moving, with no estate agent’s fees, legal costs, stamp duty or removal expenses.

Amazing Transformation

So how can we help you create more space in your home without you having to move house?

It’s really simple: We’ll help you create the additional room that you need by converting your unused loft space!

With the help of some very creative loft conversion plans, and using our decades of experience in the industry, our experts here at Court Lofts allow home owners to utilise the unused loft space and turn it into additional living space. And we do it without compromising the existing layout or structure of your home. In fact, by the time we’re all done, not only will you have more space inside your home, but the value of your property will also increase – guaranteed!

The good news is that all types of properties can benefit from a loft conversion:

  • Terraces
  • Semi-detached homes
  • Detached houses
  • Bungalows

A loft extension offers the chance to gain the extra space needed for almost any use that you can think of:

  • Additional bedrooms
  • Another bathroom
  • A new study
  • Games room
  • Children’s room
  • Home office space
  • Guest rooms

And we do all of this without the upheaval of moving, while adding nearly 22% more value to your property!

It’s Your Move Now!

Don’t move out… move up!

If you would like to find out how much additional habitable space could be created by converting your loft, then give us a call now. A loft conversion specialist from Court Lofts will be happy to provide you with highly personalised advice on the best way to move forward.

Once you weigh the loft conversion cost against the cost of moving, you’ll be happy you consulted us first.

020 8902 3464

020 8902 3464

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